What Makes A Piece Designer?

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When buying clothes for a woman it can be a serious minefield there are so many variables to consider. 


Not to mention the appearance and feel of the clothes in question. When you actually think about it shopping for women’s clothes is actually incredibly difficult and then add into the mix designer clothing and things get so much more complicated. 


Shopping for designer fashion I always find is the most difficult thing to do but why is that?


What makes a piece of clothing designer?

Well designer fashion can normally be characterised by the following:


  • Quality of the material 
  • The name of the brand 
  • The price tags


Quality of the material

Let’s start at the beginning with the material. Typically, designer fashion items are made with higher grade material. You will more than likely have come across this when comparing a designer piece to a cheaper variant. 


Although they make look similar in appearance initially the designer fashion item will hold its shape colour and texture much longer than the cheaper version. 


In addition to that the cheaper version tends to wear down faster and is liable to breakdown over a shorter period of time. When it comes to designer fashion you really are paying for the quality. 


The name of the brand

Ok so designer fashion as we know is often associated with the name of the designer or the brand that created it. And the more towards the top of the fashion mountain we climb the more exclusive the pieces become. 


I will go into more detail on how to choose a designer or a brand later as this can be a minefield in itself. 


The price tags 

So, as we all know designer fashion is normally associated with designer price tags. Meaning the more popular the designer the more affluent the price tag. 


And tying into the part about quality it really is true that you get what you pay for, and yes designer fashion pieces are more expensive but that is due to the quality of the product and the extensive design of the designer or the brand that has went into creating this piece. 


Choosing the right designer or brand

As promised here is my personal guide to choosing a designer or brand:


Evaluate what you want

Like shopping for anything it is important to have an idea of what you want this doesn’t have to be very detailed even just an image in your head.


This will help you narrow down which designers or brands to look at for example if you are looking for a red-carpet show stopping piece then you will be shopping at the absolute high end of the fashion world. 


However, if you are looking for a lovely dress for a wedding or works function then perhaps looking at named brands instead of top end designers would work better for you. 


Consider second hand buying 

As designer fashion tends to hold its value pretty well depending on the piece of course that means that there is quit a large market where you can acquire used designer fashion pieces for a discounted fee. 


This is ideal if you are looking for something from a high-end designer that would typically be out of your price range, and you can rest assured the garment will still be in excellent quality. 


These reseller sites run an extensive wetting process on every piece so worry not everything on these sites has undergone a quality check before listing. 



Yes, it had to come up at one point and there is no avoiding it designer fashion does cost more than standard garments for the reasons we mentioned earlier. 


However, as the designer fashion world is so diverse there are designer items out there that fall into everyone’s price range. It is just important to be realistic in understanding what you can and can’t afford. 


For example, if Rhianna just walked the catwalk in a designer dress its unrealistic to think that this will be in your price range unless you happen to have a similar income stream to Rhianna. 


However, if you follow our steps above you will more than likely to be able to find something similar from another designer for a similar price. 



In summary designer fashion can and should be for everyone. The quality and fit of the products are much higher than the cheaper alternative and as mentioned above you do get what you pay for just take the time to find the right designer fashion item for you. 

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