Kim Ha-seong, Playing his Last Game in Seoul

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12일 LA 다저스와 디비전시리즈 1차전에서 2루타를 때려낸 뒤 고개를 까딱까딱하는 세리머니를 펼치는 샌디에이고 김하성. AP=연합뉴스

Kim Ha-seong, Playing his Last Game in Seoul, "I Want to Play One More Time Before I Retire"



“If the next opportunity arises, Lee Jeong-hoo will likely come... Go Woo-seok is a player who will soon make it to the MLB.”

San Diego Padres' starting shortstop Kim Ha-seong (28), who is playing in the last game of the Seoul Series, expressed his gratitude to domestic fans, saying, "I want to play one more time (in Seoul) before I retire (in the United States)."

Kim Ha-seong said at the clubhouse ahead of the second game of the 2024 Major League Baseball (MLB) Los Angeles Dodgers and Seoul opening series held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 21st, "Even though the admission fee for this series is quite expensive, the stadium is full." 카지노

“I feel like I received a lot of love, ” he said.

He added, "It would have been nice if I had hit a hit in yesterday's game, but it's a shame," and added, "I will show a good performance in today's game."

It is no exaggeration to say that this Seoul Series is a stage for Kim Ha-seong.

MLB prepared the Seoul Series with Ha-seong Kim as its signature player.

MLB also produced and promoted a short documentary about Ha-seong Kim.

Even after the San Diego and Dodgers players entered the country, MLB focused on Kim Ha-seong, who returned 'home'.

Kim Ha-Seong also prepared a lot.

He even worked with the club to order and wear hanbok for his fellow players.

In the first game of the Seoul Series held at Gocheok Dome on the 20th, he personally received the first pitch from Korean special Park Chan-ho.

Ha-seong Kim said, “Senior Park Chan-ho’s performance was really good,” and “I think the class is still the same.”

Above all, the scene where Kim Ha-seong greeted the crowd during his first at-bat was impressive.

Ha-Seong Kim received tremendous cheers from the crowd before his first at-bat, and he took off his helmet and greeted the crowd.

Kim Ha-seong said, "I had to get ready to hit quickly because of the pitch clock, but the umpire deliberately took the time by wiping the dust off the home plate."

He added, "The opposing pitcher and catcher were also considerate.

I was really grateful."

Ha-seong Kim, who had a happy time, leaves for the United States with the team after finishing the game on the 21st.

He said, “It would be great to have the opportunity to play in Seoul again,” and “But if the next opportunity arises, I think the San Francisco Giants, Lee Jeong-hoo’s team, will come.”

He added, “Even if it wasn’t like that, (Lee) Jeong-hoo was very envious.”

Ha-seong Kim also offered words of consolation to teammate Woo-seok Ko, who unfortunately could not participate in the Seoul Series.

He said, “I’m holding back on saying anything because I feel like I’m going to be most disappointed and having a hard time.”

He also said, “Because Wooseok is a player who will be in the MLB, I hope he doesn’t lose confidence and prepares well”

He also said, “I also went through a lot of trial and error in my first year.”

“Woo-seok is just going through a preparation process,” he said.

Go Woo-seok visited Korea with the San Diego team, but was excluded from the 26-player roster ahead of the opening two games of the Seoul Series.

Go Woo-seok will begin this season in the minor league.

The San Diego Tribune, a local media outlet, predicted, “There is a possibility that Go Woo-seok will aim to enter the big league in Double A, which is a hitter-friendly league,” but he is still training with the team in San Diego on the 21st.

Trained at Gocheok Dome with the team.

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