KT's Go Young-pyo, Feel a Greater Sense of Responsibility

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'100억 클럽' kt 고영표 "아직도 실감 안나…더 큰 책임감 느껴"

10 Billion Club' KT's Go Young-pyo "I Still Don't Feel it... I Feel a Greater Sense of Responsibility"




Ko Young-pyo, ahead of his first season after contract, “I won’t become lazy”

“The first paycheck will come in soon.

It still doesn’t feel real, but I think I will feel a greater sense of responsibility once the amount is stamped in my bank account."

KT Wiz's native ace Go Young-pyo (32) hit the so-called 'jackpot' on the 25th of last month.

He signed a multi-year contract with a five-year contract period and a total of 10.7 billion won. 카지노

In the history of professional baseball, he has succeeded in signing a large contract worth more than 10 billion won in total.

This is the 14th time and the first in the team.

As he has received meaningful treatment, Go Young-pyo feels a great sense of responsibility.

He is sweating harder than anyone else ahead of his first season after signing a large contract.

On the 14th, Ko Young-pyo met with reporters at Hyundai Motor Company's Dream Ball Park in Gijang-gun, Busan, where KT's spring camp is held, and said, "I feel a sense of responsibility" regarding the weight of '10 billion won', and "I will show not only my grades but also as a senior, setting an example for others." He said.

He said, “I am more proud of the fact that I gave hope to many unknown players,” and pledged, “I will not become lazy.”

Go Young-pyo's large contract is all the more special because he took a different path from others.

Go Young-pyo walked the path of an unknown player for a long time.

After graduating from Hwasun High School, he was not selected by professional teams in the rookie draft, and joined KT in 2014 after graduating from Dongguk University.

Even on his professional stage, he could not easily burst into flower buds.

It was not until 2021, when he returned from military service, that he became a starting pitcher representing the league with his main weapon, a change-up.

His large contract reflects many years of hard work.

Among the 14 players who have joined the '10 billion won club' including free agent (FA) and non-FA multi-year contracts, the college graduate is the second after Na Seong-beom (KIA Tigers).

Ko Young-pyo is the first person to be named to the 10 billion won club after not being nominated in high school and going to college.

Ko Young-pyo said, "There are very few players who are good at baseball from the beginning.

If you work hard, there will come a time when you clearly recognize your strengths.

I believe that if you work hard and be proud of those strengths, you will succeed one day."

He said, “The important thing is not to have negative thoughts.

I also tried very hard to erase the doubts and negative thoughts of ‘Why can’t I?’ from my mind.”

Go Young-pyo, the 'largest plastic surgery player', is preparing even harder for the new season to become an example to others.

In the first year of his contract, he is gritting his teeth even more to avoid appearing lazy.

Go Young-pyo said, "It's been a long time since I've been training for spring camp in Korea, and it's good because I don't have to spend a lot of time traveling and adjusting to jet lag."

“We are working hard to maintain it,” he said.

We are also focusing on preparing various regulations, such as the Automatic Ball Decision System (ABS) that will be introduced in the new season of the KBO League.

Ko Young-pyo said, “Once ABS is introduced, the strike zone will become clearer, so we will have a clearer concept of how to use the zone.”

He added, “We are thinking about ways to use breaking balls on high courses and breaking balls that bend to the side.” said.

He said, “I am also seeking advice from fellow players such as Park Se-jin, who experienced ABS in the second team,” and added, “I will try to adapt quickly by playing a trial game.”

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