Asian Cup Klinsmann Prepares for Another Penalty Shootout

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Asian Cup Klinsmann Prepares for Another Penalty Shootout: “The Match Against Australia will also be a War”



Tomorrow’s game will also be a bloody battle and a war, said Jürgen Klinsmann, head coach of the Korean national soccer team, in a press conference at the Main Media Center (MMC) in Doha, Qatar.

On the 1st, a day before the quarterfinals of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup against Australia.

He said this at the interview. 카지노사이트

Korea advanced to the quarterfinals after a fierce battle that ended in a penalty shootout with Saudi Arabia in the round of 16.

Coach Klinsmann said there was no guarantee that the game against Australia would be over within 90 minutes.

He said he was prepared for any situation that could unfold.

He said, "A difficult game is expected.

Just like the 120-minute fierce battle with Saudi Arabia, tomorrow's game will also be a bloody battle and a war."

He continued, “It is very difficult to win a penalty shootout.

A lot of emotions are conveyed.

“We will continue to practice penalty shootouts today in preparation for the next game,” he said emphatically.

He also said he no longer cares about the fact that Korea will have two days less rest due to holding the round of 16 later than Australia.

He said, “Tournaments are like this.

You have to overcome pain to achieve your desired goal.”

The following is a Q&A with Director Klinsmann.

- What are your preparations for tomorrow’s game?

Australia is a very good team.

I have high expectations.

Australia has been producing good performances and good results, so a difficult match is expected.

Tomorrow will also be a tense and exciting game.

There is bound to be tension in a single match.

I will try to achieve good results.

- Did you analyze Australia?

How are you going to block the advantage?

We analyzed it, and like any other team, there are pros and cons.

It is not something to discuss in detail.

We are talking internally with players and coaches.

A difficult game is expected.

However, just as the 120-minute fierce battle took place, tomorrow's game will also be a bloody battle and a war.

- We created many chances in the game against Saudi Arabia, but only scored one goal.

How will we improve ahead of the game against Australia?

Australia is strong against counterattacks, so how will we prepare for this?

What was encouraging about the Saudi game was that many chances were created in the second half and overtime.

Cho Gyu-seong (Midtjylland), who is currently sitting next to him, scored a goal and was able to bring about a good result.

In the game against Australia, I will focus on converting chances into goals.

We must also be thoroughly prepared for Australia's counterattack.

We need to prepare well defensively.

Australia has shown its strengths in counterattacks and set pieces in many games since this tournament.

However, our team also has strengths.

We will believe in our strengths and focus on what we can do well.

- Having two days less rest than in Australia is clearly a disadvantage.

How to prepare?

I don’t want to mention that issue any further.

This is the schedule that has already been released, and we just play according to it.

There are many players whose teams have played games during short periods of rest.

The tournament is like this.

Only by overcoming pain can you achieve your desired goal.

My players and I are thirsty for victory.

- I experienced a lot of penalty kicks during my career, and in the last match against Saudi Arabia, I won with a penalty kick.

How have you prepared?

Penalty shootouts are very difficult.

A lot of emotions are conveyed.

That's why training is most important.

Before the game against Saudi Arabia, I practiced a lot for penalty shootouts and developed my mental strength and concentration.

In the Saudi game, the players performed well as trained.

There is no guarantee that tomorrow’s game will end within 90 minutes.

There is no guarantee that it will be finished.

In preparation for the next game, we will continue to practice penalty shootouts today.

- You played a lot as a striker in major tournaments. What would you say to Cho Kyu-sung?

My advice to strikers is not to think about past chances.

He tells me to just worry about producing good results at the next opportunity.

Didn’t Michael Jordan say that?

He also said, ‘There are more balls that I don’t hit than the ones that hit the rim.’

Chances can be missed.

The important thing is whether you can continue to wait and prepare and turn the next opportunity into a goal.

I'm happy when Jo Gyu-seong smiles like he did today.

- Opta, a soccer statistics company, said Korea had a 47.6% chance of winning. Can you beat this number?

Anyone can create statistics.

- It's nice to see him smiling at press conferences every time.

There aren't that many reporters from Australia.

Doesn’t it feel burdensome as the national team coach of a country that loves soccer so much?

(Australian Reporter)
It is a privilege and honor to lead this team.

There are many players with good abilities.

I often tell them what a good team we are.

I want the players to feel that they are great players and to show that skill on the field.

All teams came here to win. 파워볼사이트

I hope the players feel how precious this moment is on their journey to the finals.

I hope you feel the anticipation and happiness of being able to lift the championship trophy.

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