Shin Young-seok, A Veteran who Showed Off his Slickback

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올스타전 지배한` 신영석, 남자 배구 응원 부탁 "팬들 실망 크실 것, 어린 선수들 성장 지켜봐달라" - 마이데일리

Shin Young-seok, A Veteran who Showed Off his Slickback, Said, “I Try to Make Men’s Volleyball Feel Fun Too”



Veteran Shin Young-seok (37, Korea Electric Power Corporation)'s concerns are not limited to himself and his team.

We feel sorry for the reality that Korean men's volleyball is losing its international competitiveness and domestic recognition, and we constantly think about ways to revive it.

It was the same on the 27th, when he won the 2023-2024 V-League All-Star Game Men's Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Ceremony Award with both hands. 카지노

Even before the joy of winning MVP of his first All-Star Game had faded.

Shin Young-seok spoke about the ‘present and future of men’s volleyball.’

Korean men's volleyball ranked third and fifth in last year's Asia Challenge Cup and Asian Championships, respectively, and suffered the humiliation of no medals for the first time in 61 years at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In Korea, it is lagging behind in the box office competition with women's volleyball, which features superstar Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance).

Shin Young-seok said, "Today, the young players showed a lot of talent.

I think they are the players who will lead men's volleyball, which has fallen to its lowest point," and asked, "(Fans) may be very disappointed, but please look forward to seeing the young players grow and support them."

He added, “I hope that young athletes can achieve their dream of going to the Olympics.”

Men's volleyball has failed to make it to the Olympics for five consecutive times since the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and it is unlikely that it will advance to this year's Paris Olympics.

When asked about his aspirations for the remaining 5th and 6th rounds of the regular season.

Shin Young-seok mentioned men's volleyball before his team.

He said, "The players will be stressed (due to competition for rankings), but the fans will have fun.

It is true that women's volleyball is more popular and we are behind a lot, but we will work hard to make men feel that 'men's volleyball is also fun.'" He said.

He then tactfully added, “Of course, KEPCO will definitely go to spring volleyball.”

On this day, Shin Young-seok made fans laugh by brilliantly performing the 'slickback', also known as the 'levitation dance.'

Shin Young-seok joked, “I didn’t know I had this kind of talent,” and added, “I practiced for about an hour yesterday because my fans suggested it.”

He said, “Lim Seong-jin, Lim Dong-hyuk, and Kim Ji-han practiced dancing in the front room until 2 a.m. yesterday,” adding, “I couldn’t sleep because it was noisy, but I hope the fans recognize their efforts.”

Shin Young-seok, who received 4 million won in prize money, said, "I have achieved 1,200 blocking points this year, and I am one more away from scoring 300 serving points.

Since I have done so many good things, I will prepare a way to give back (thank you) materially."

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