Torch Relay Director Kim Jin-hyuk

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'성화봉송' 김진혁 단장 "장애인 스포츠, 알면 더 재밌습니다"

'Torch Relay' Director Kim Jin-hyuk "Sports for the Disabled are More Fun if you Know About Them"



Kim Jin-hyuk (43), head of the Korean team at the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, had a 'remarkable and grateful experience' on Minxiang Road, located in the new downtown of Hangzhou, China, on the 21st.


Citizens of Hangzhou gathered on both sides of the road cheered and beckoned to Director Kim Jin-hyuk, who finished the torch relay.


As he approached with a bright face, several people held out their hands.


Then an interesting scene occurred.  카지노사이트


When Director Kim handed over the torch, citizens began touching it and filming it on their cell phone cameras.


For a while, the torch relay was left in the hands of Director Kim.


He said, “When they found out I was Korean, they said, ‘Oppa, oppa.’


The torch relay seemed amazing,” and added, “It was an amazing and thankful experience.”


Unlike the team leaders of previous competitions, Director Kim was appointed early in February.


As a young, motivated restaurant businessman, I worked diligently to meet people.


He frequently visits the training centers of various sports to provide encouragement and created a ‘team leader award’ who interacts with the players, rather than a team leader who only pays donations.


He had a disability himself, so there was a lot I could relate to.


As is known, Director Kim Jin-hyuk has discomfort in his right leg.


While delivering food from a Chinese restaurant, he was hit by a drunk vehicle and suffered serious injuries.


He said, “I screamed at the sky, asking why this is only happening to me.”


He was in bed for 10 months.


He was on the operating table three times.


Broadly speaking, it was an accident related to sports for the disabled.


Director Kim said, "First of all, I liked sports and was interested in the stories of disabled athletes.


When I met each one, they all had a story that could be the length of a book."


He met Jeong Jin-wan, president of the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled, through an acquaintance, and took on the role of team leader.


Director Kim, a former delivery man, is the CEO of Bobae F&B, which runs the Chinese restaurant Bobae Banjeom.


He added the title of general manager to his title and created a deep and wide relationship with people with disabilities and sports.


Last August, he visited the Icheon Athletes' Village with his company employees and ran a daily Bobae Restaurant.


He made his own food on site and served it to the players.


He sent food trucks to sports-related events such as wheelchair basketball 3X3 competitions and sports competitions for students with disabilities to encourage them.


Director Kim is well aware of the power of his sport.


When he had an unfortunate childhood in his hometown of Yeosu after losing his parents at an early age, basketball changed his introverted personality.


He recalled, “With just a rubber basketball, I could make friends and gain a sense of accomplishment while sweating.”


This is why wheelchair basketball is especially attractive.


Korean wheelchair basketball is aiming for a bronze medal in this tournament.


On the 20th, they caused a stir by defeating their difficult opponent, Japan, in the group stage.


Director Kim recalled, "When I first met the athletes at the Icheon Athletes' Village, their faces were really bright.


I thought this might be the power of sports," and added, "I received energy from seeing the athletes living their lives happily and steadfastly."


As he got closer to disabled sports, he reaffirmed that the more you know about it, the more fun you can enjoy it.


Even a year ago, Director Kim didn’t know that Korea was the world’s best boccia country or that there was a sport called goalball.


He said, "There are many sports that non-disabled people cannot access.


If you learn about the characteristics of the sports, you can become interested and enjoy watching them, but it is a pity."


The 2022 Hangzhou Para Asian Games will open on the 22nd.


Those who have already overcome their own limitations come on stage and deliver a message of hope to people with disabilities and non-disabled people.

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