2022 Infotainment Awards Winner Category

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The 2022 Infotainment Awards award ceremony was completed on Thursday, September 29, 2022. Held lively and broadcast live on SCTV, the event to appreciate people in the entertainment world gave 11 awards for 11 categories that were directly selected by the public through a voting system.

The sister-in-law of the late Vanessa Angel, Fujianti Utami became the first person to receive the Infotainment Awards for the Best Viral Celebrity category. In this category, Fuji managed to eliminate several other viral names such as Bonge and Jeje Citayam Fashion Week, Red Magician, and child singer Farel Prayoga.

When receiving the award, Fuji admitted that he was proud of the appreciation given. Not to forget, he also expressed his gratitude to all those who supported his artistic career, including the late Vanessa Angel.

"Thank you to all the team, family and people who support me. Especially to the two people I love the most, Auntie and Vanes, thank you," Fuji said after receiving the award.

Complete List of Winners

In addition to Fuji's Best Viral Celebrity, SCTV as the organizer also gave awards for the categories of Best Couple, Best Male Character, Best Female Character, Gorgeous Mom, Gorgeous Dad, Gorgeous Baby, Inspirational Family, Most Charming Male Celebrity, Most Charming Female Celebrity, and Celebrity of the Year. Here is the complete list of award winners.

1. Best Couple: Lesti and Rizky Billar

2. Best Male Character: Cinta Brian

3. Best Female Character: Zoe Abbas Jackson

4. Gorgeous Mom: Lesti

5. Gorgeous Dad: Rizky Billar

6. Gorgeous Baby: Rayyanza Malik Ahmad

7. Inspirational Family: Raffi Ahmad's Family

8. Most Charming Male Celebrity: Giorgino Abraham

9. Most Charming Female Celebrity: Haico Van Der Veken

10. Best Viral Celebrity: Fuji

11. Celebrity of the Year: Lesti.

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