Jakarta Film Week (JFW) is back this year

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Several Programs in JFW 2022 Support National Film

Jakarta Film Week (JFW) is here again this year, entering its second event since its first appearance in 2021. This year's JFW comes with a series of interesting programs, and the best films from various countries will be enlivened.

Among the JFW 2022 programs are the Jakarta Film Fund. A program of facilitation and mentoring for young film actors to produce and strengthen their competence in the film sector.

This program has been running, where there are 214 proposals from all over Indonesia that have been registered. From there, a total of three best film proposals have been determined, in which the winners have carried out the film production process.

The three films produced by the Jakarta Film Fund are “Sunat Racing”, “Not Anak Meriam” and “The Last Message(A)N”. The three films will later be screened and will also compete in the JFW 2022 event which will take place on October 13-16.

In addition, there is the Film Submission program, which is a film competition room in this festival. this year's competition program was enlivened by hundreds of 461 films from 28 countries.

JFW 2022 Program Manager, Novi Hanabi said, last year, the JFW competition consisted of four categories, namely Global Feature, Global Short, Direction Award and Jakarta Film Fund. However, this year, there are two additional new categories, namely Series of the Year and Global Animation Award.

"In addition, this year we respond to industry conditions that the development of the series is quite good, we want the appreciation of our friends in the series. Finally, there is a special award for animation, because we feel that the creators of this animated film also need to give appreciation, give them a chance," said Novi in ​​the JFW 2022 press conference session which was monitored online, Friday (16/9).

A number of films have been confirmed to be present in this year's JFW competition program. In the feature film category, there are "Before, Now & Then (Nana)" by Kamila Andini, to "Arnold Is A Model Student" by Sorayos Prapapan, which is a collaboration production from Thailand, Singapore, France, the Netherlands and the Philippines.

There is also the film “The Ballad of Si Roy by director Fajar Nugros from IDN Pictures, the Peruvian-Mexican film titled “HUESERA”, to “Galang” which is a film by Indonesian filmmaker Adriyanto Dewo. Also present in this competition is the film “Stealing Raden Saleh” which is a production of Visinema Pictures from director Angga Dwimas Sasongko.

In the short film competition category, there are also many interesting works. Some of them are "Moshari" by Nuhasih Humayun (Bangladesh), "Nauha" by Pratham Khurana (India), "Sweet Squad" by Haris Supiandi (Indonesia), to "Buried Bulled" by Ali Nazha from Lebanon.

Like many other festivals, of course there will also be a World Premier session at JFW this year. The films that will hold the world premiere are "Balada Si Roy" which is also the opening film for JFW 2022, "Galang" and "The Conquest of Cartenz--Temata" by Rahabi Mandra.

Lab for Producer to Exhibition

In addition to the competition program which is generally the most important session at the festival, there are many other programs at JFW this year. There is Road to Jakarta, a program that involves communities on campuses around Jabodetabek in the format of discussion and collaboration. This program has been running since a few months ago, with the output of the collaboration in the form of 24 community-made films that are shown on the Vidio platform.

No less interesting is the Producer's Lab, a program that facilitates new producers to improve their competence and network. This program is still open to be followed by producers in the country, where in the future the 10 best feature films will be selected who will have the opportunity to be involved in the Busan Platform, part of the 2023 Asian Film Festival.

In addition, there will also be a Talks program with actors, to a Festival Talk program with speakers from various festival managers around the world.

Also the Collaboration program, which is a form of JFW's collaboration with a number of festivals and related institutions. In this program, there will be a series of discussion sessions, as well as screenings of films from the Madani Film Festival, Cinema World, and special films that tell stories about the city of Jakarta in the past which are the result of digitization managed by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Lastly, there is the Exhibition program, which is a celebration of films that goes beyond just watching films in the studio. The exhibition will be present at CGV Grand Indonesia, where JFW 2022 will present an exhibition that introduces various things related to the content of the collaborators involved.

“So that this film is not just an audio visual work, but here visitors can also experience the universe of these films. This is also a space for, for example, for Vidio, to display what is in Vidio. Or there is also IDN Media," explained Novi regarding the exhibition program.

“In the future, we hope that this will also be an exhibition venue for talents, young people who have new discoveries related to the film industry, for example, to appear. There are also both where visitors can convey their messages and hopes for Jakarta Film Week,” added Novi.

Overall, a total of around 70 films will be screened during JFW 2022 on October 13-16. The entire JFW series will take place in three locations, namely CGV Grand Indonesia, Kineforum Taman Ismail Marzuki, and Ashley Hotel Jakarta.

Tickets to watch films at JFW 2022 will be accessible for free starting October 1 through TIX.ID or direct access at the festival location.

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