Why Don; t You Chew Apples?

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I've always wondered why people tend to chew their food. Is it for the taste or for the nutrients? If we look at it that way, eating is an instinctive behavior. We're basically programmed to eat when we're hungry. Although, most of us enjoy a good dessert, we generally do better with a little fruit and a vegetable. If we do well on a balanced diet, we don't tend to experience cravings and we have an energy boost throughout the day.

One question that always pops up is why donamp; #39; t you chew apples? Well, there are many reasons why. For starters, eating apples has been linked to increasing brain power. The reason is that it contains a chemical called Pectin which helps to improve digestion. As well, apples contain an ingredient called Malic acid which has been linked to reducing tooth decay.

So, what about all the bad stuff that comes with eating apples? The good news is that most of it is believed to be a myth. Some of the "effects" that have been reported include: a stronger desire for food, increased intestinal gas, and heartburn. Although it seems like a lot of bad news, those aren't the only effects of eating too many apples. In fact, there are several pros to the diet that you may not have heard about yet.

First off, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you're like most people, you probably eat three or more servings of fruit per day. Not only do apples provide a healthy snack between meals, but they can act as an appetite suppressant to boot. That can mean weight loss over time, as your body will burn calories less when you're not eating. The health benefits of fruit are endless.

Secondly, there are many different varieties available. If you're allergic to the regular "green" variety, that's ok. There are several other colors from which to choose. Just think how different your favorite fruit or orange is this year and you'll understand why you should consider trying an apple a day.

Along with the health reasons, there are also a few other reasons to eat more apples. They're great for you. Scientific research has shown that they contain high amounts of natural antioxidants, which can help fight off the aging process. They may even prevent cancer, which is something we all want to do.

Another reason to eat more apples is because they are good for you. One Harvard study found that eating at least one serving of fruit a day lowered the risk of heart disease by 24%. Eating the "dessert" first can help you avoid the entire dessert later on. Of course, the reason why you need to eat your fruit is the fiber content. Fibers can prevent constipation, which leads to straining, which leads to bad breath.

Research has also shown that eating apples after meals can help curb your appetite and help you lose weight. Why do apples help you lose weight? this website Because they contain natural "appetite suppressants", which makes you less likely to over indulge in food, especially foods that cause you to have a craving for something sweet.

Don't think that you have to eat them raw. Most of the apple's skin has been removed when it is processed, so it doesn't have any taste. Apples that are fresh are sweeter and more pungent than those that have been canned or frozen. Eat them fresh and unprocessed if you can. If you can, salvage them by putting them in your refrigerator until you're ready to eat them.

They're small, so you won't feel like you're overindulging. Apples are small in size and make a satisfying snack for any occasion. They also fit into just about anyone's diet, which makes them very accessible. If you don; t feel like having something else eaters often complain about is that they can; t take anything away from their meal. With an apple, you can have a snack that doesn; t weigh as much as a bag of potato chips or candy.

The juice is not bad for you, either. Some people drink it in place of or instead of water. They may choose a natural juice over artificial flavors, though, since they are not likely to be ingesting chemicals in juices. So, the reason you; re asking yourself why don; t you chew apples is really a multi-fold one.

Apples are a healthy choice and an easy way to satisfy that craving for sweet. But you should always remember that they come at a cost. You must choose to enjoy your apple selections wisely and not allow yourself to overindulge. When you do so, you can smile to yourself knowing that you gave yourself permission to eat anything you want.
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