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Have you ever wanted to buy Spotify plays?

If so, then My Music Viral should definitely become your first and last stop. My Music Viral is a site that helps promote Spotify music for its listeners and increase the Spotify plays on their tracks. So if you're looking for a place to Buy Spotify Plays, you've come to the right place!

What we do:

Provide safe and reliable ways of increasing your Spotify plays such as Spotify Plays Targeted promotion, Spotify Plays General Promotion and many more types of Spotify promotion services!

How does it work? It's simple. Just pick out which Spotify promotion services fits your needs the best; choose from our 3 packages (Bronze, Silver & Gold) and send us your Spotify track and Spotify artist/band name and we'll take care of the rest.

What Spotify promotions do you offer? We have 3 Spotify promotion packages available: Spotify Plays Targeted Promotion, Spotify Plays General Promotion, Spotify Playlist Promotion. You can buy Spotify plays targeted to any country or age group within minutes by paying for one of our packages.

Why should I choose My Music Viral? When you buy Spotify plays from us, not only are you getting safe Spotify promotion services, but you're also getting the best customer service experience that will help promote your tracks to success! We also ensure that your songs are being played by real people who would actually be interested in hearing it. So why shouldn't you choose us as your number 1 Spotify plays provider and Buy Spotify plays from us?

I'd like to buy Spotify plays now! Great! Head on over to our Spotify Promotion page, pick out the perfect package for your needs, fill in your information and pay. It's that simple! And yes, you can absolutely buy Spotify play targeted players who are interested in your music genre, age group or location. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some Spotify promotion today by clicking here to get Spotify plays!

Spotify Promotion Targeting

So you've bought Spotify play package and want to promote Spotify tracks! Good for you. But, did you know that Spotify promotion can be targeted? Targeting promotion allows your Spotify play to improve so much more than just playing it on the general public. When you target Spotify promotion, you're increasing the chances of having someone find your track who actually has an interest in listening to it. For example, if I buy Spotify Promotion for country music, then Spotify would show my song at someone who loves to listen to country music. Versus promoting a Spotify track that is not in a genre that anyone is interested in listening too in standard or general promotion.

Country  |   Genre  |   Age

            Spotify plays  increase  with targeted promotion

Country music - Spotify plays increase with Spotify Plays Targeted Promotion

They even have age groups listed below the Spotify promotion services offered. So if you're promoting any tracks that are directed to children or teenagers, then Spotify would promote your song to people who are in the age group of 13-18 years old. This increases the chances of someone finding your track and listening to it which is great for Spotify plays! So now, not only do I get Spotify play from people within my country but also those who love listening to music that is similar to mine! Isn't Spotify promotion just wonderful? It sure is because it helps us artists find our fans and listeners! Spotify promotion is a great way we get our tracks heard and noticed. And when we buy Spotify plays from a trusted provider like My Music Viral, Spotify promotion just gets better! Spotify Promotion

My Music Viral Spotify Promotion

So why should you choose My Music Viral For Spotify Plays ? Well for starters , they are an official partner with Spotify  and can offer Spotify promotion that will play your song to targeted Spotify users. By choosing the perfect package for your needs, you can buy Spotify plays targeted to your country or age group so only relevant people will be playing your track. If you want more information about what packages they have available, head on over here ! You can also check out their FAQ page if you have any questions! Spotify Promotion

So now that you've heard about Spotify promotion and the wonderful services they offer, it's your turn to buy Spotify plays from a trusted Spotify play provider. We at My Music Viral only want the best for our artists so we provide Spotify promotion to help you find your fans and listeners easier than ever before. You can choose between different packages depending on what genre of music you're promoting and if you want to target people by location or age group. So why not pick up some Spotify play today and start finding those new listeners and fans with Spotify Promotion? And don't forget, we also offer free tips and advice as well as helping promote Spotify tracks through social media marketing via Twitter, Facebook or even Tumblr !

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