[Read First] GX SmartWatch Independent Review : Is it Legit or Scam?

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Gx-smartwatch : The Military-Inspired Unbreakable Watch

Gone are the days when watches were just used to tell time. Smartwatches are what we all wanttoday.

But here we introduce the watch of next gen “The Gx-smartwatch”.  The Gx-smartwatch or The Gx- Watch is a smartwatch in true sense.

Designed by a team of ex-military personnel, this watch is specially crafted for people who are stylishand also love outdoors. It is guaranteed to keep up with your adventurous lifestyle. It is extremelycomfortable, durable, affordable and has an amazing battery life.

Why is Gx-smartwatch so popular?

While there is a plethora of watches available in the market there is hardly any that has as manyfeatures as the Gx-smartwatch.

Our competitors claim to offer a number of features in a single watch. But none has produced awatch that encompasses as many features as we offer. We aim to give our customers a product thatis top in quality and relatively low in price. It is the best value smartwatch.

The Gx-smartwatch is constructed to cater even the smallest need of our customers.

Anyone can use the Gx-smartwatch, from teenagers to working professionals. The setup is extremelysimple and the device is easy to use.

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How is a Gx-smartwatch different than other smartwatches?

Thanks to its 4th generation Gorilla Glass and carbon fibre construction, the watch is highly resistant to any impact. If you like sports and outdoor activities this watch is a perfect cut for you. Unlike theother fragile watches, Gx-smartwatch can withstand extreme sports activities as well.

Water Resistant
The watch is 5ATM resistant which means it can be worn while swimming or even while taking ashower without any compromise in its functioning.

Compatible with both iOS and Android

The Gx-smartwatch is compatible with both Apple and Android products. It can connect via Bluetooth andalso receive notifications from Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other such social mediaapplications. You can find the world on your wrist!

Track Your Progress

The Gx-smartwatch can monitor your health. You can accurately check the distance covered in a day. Ithelps you to check your heart rate during exercise and calculate calories burnt. The Gx-smartwatch isequipped with Smart Sleep feature which monitors your sleep so that you can achieve optimumsleep and maintain a balance in your lifestyle.

33 months of Battery Lifetime

The Gx-smartwatch is unlike any other ordinary Smart Watch which needs to be charged frequently orhave its batteries replaced time and again. The watch has a battery lifetime of 33 months which isway more than what other brands promise.

Stunning Looks

It has such a look that the onlookers are definitely going to ask you about your watch.
The sleek design of the watch guarantees you a good look and will compliment any outfit.

Pocket Friendly

With so many features, it is natural for one to expect a high cost price for such a watch. But so is notthe case with the Gx-smartwatch. This watch was built to suit the taste of all and to fit into everyone’spocket range.

Is the Gx-smartwatch worth the hype?

The Gx-smartwatch has a lot more to offer. Let’s look at its additional features:
 It has a Low Power Reminder mode which will notify you when the watch drops below acertain battery level. In this time you can recharge the device without interrupting yourwork.
 It has a Backlight feature which makes it fully functional even at night.
 The Gx-smartwatch offers an exclusive feature of remote camera control. This feature enables youto take a control of your phone’s camera from a distance. You can capture any moment evenon the run.
 It has a 128MB RAM to keep up with the technical efficiency and multitasking of the watch.
 It has a buckle clasp that keeps the watch in place even during most physically demanding activities.

With so many features on the offering it is hard to resist the Gx-smartwatch and once you get a hold of thisdevice it takes no time to become a part of your lifestyle. This excellent watch uses the latesttechnology to give you convenient features on your wrist. From monitoring your health to keepingyou updated with your social media notifications, there’s a lot in this watch for you to explore.

It is dust, dirt and water resistant. And with its 33 months long battery life you can live your life onthe edge.

It can access a lot of information from your smartphone like calendars, reminders, calls, etc.
It is operated through side buttons so you don’t have to worry any more about accidentally openinga different application which happens in a touch screen smartwatch.

Is Gx Smartwatch Scam??

In our in-depth review we did heard from some people that they order Gx Smartwatch but they didn't received yet. Even their customer support can't identify their order/tracking number. Because the main issue is that fake reseller. Yes too many fake reseller in the market. So be aware of that.

Buy Gx Smartwatch Only From Official Vendor Website

You can also visit their store (Click Here To Visit The Store)

Only they can give you the discount and free shipping offer and of course the real Gx Smartwatch.

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