How to use Odds Percentages in Soccer to Identify the Best Value Bet

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How can you find value in your bets That is the big question. Alex Napier, a friend who runs the Best Bet Soccer website asked me to write this article. This article will explain the concept and importance of identifying value. His request to me is to examine soccer betting. I have done this in the past but his approach is different. Instead, we'll be looking at some statistics that I have used in my own soccer betting.

Note: I will be discussing Victor Chandler's KCOM (ators odds) as well as the percentage of William Hill's odds offered by Victor Chandler.

Chances of a Win at Home

If you decide to place your bets on a home win you will want a team that has a chance of winning by at least 47%. These statistics were based on the most recent matches that have been reported since 2006. These statistics are based on the most reported matches since 2006. Three of the top five teams in the league are considered favourites to win, with odds around 50%.

There are differences between percentages and odds

William Hill and Chandler both offer odds so it is possible to have a higher- or lower percentage. Bolagila login This doesn't necessarily mean that the bookies are having to pay more to get the betting; in fact, some of the bigger bookmakers have been moving the line against the opposition and therefore some of the smaller bookmakers may be paying less than their odds percentage.

This means that the betting public is being asked to choose a favorite more often than others and, if they believe a team is more likely win, they will back them. Bookmakers could be less confident in the home win and adjust the odds accordingly. This'spread’ and the resulting betting profits can be used by you to decide whether to lay the home victory.

Draw Odds

Draw odds can be described as the odds of a team or a draw between two teams. They are either Services or Prenditions (both or both).

click for info The draw probability refers to the price paid for winning a match that ends in a draw. A match may be in which both teams are nearly even. There is a 48% chance that one team will win. An overround in the Asian Handicap today would give us odds of a win around 1.75. The odds of winning today's Asian Handicap Overcard are around 1.75 to 1.75. Therefore, the Asian Handicap overround is 1.65 to 1.

To work out the Asian Handicap, you apply the following formula:

Win(a) + Draw(b) - Lose(a) - Lose(b)

The net profits are therefore:

Win(a) + Draw(b) - Lose(a) - Lose(b)

The formula will be reduced to:

Win(b) - Lose(a) - Lose(b)

where b = b - a.

The Asian Handicap reduces as much the overround as it does the draw probability.

To be successful in a betting strategy, a punter will need to set up his or her activity around the Asian Handicap odds. In doing so, the punter reduces the odds to 12.5% (or 25% with the Asian Handicap) and creates an equal stake stake for each outcome.

This is best explained using the following example:

Place a PS10 bet on Team Lose - Asian Handicap odds 2.5 (or 25%).

The same amount can be placed on the favourite team Win- Asian Handicap odds 2.5 (or 25)

PS5 bet on the underdog team Win- Asian Handicap odds 2.5 (or 25%).

If the Asian Handicap was 2.5-1, the bet would have to be PS5 if you lose, PS5 if you win and PS10 if your Asian Handicap is 10.

PS10 loses 5%, PS5 on Win wins 5% and PS25 on win on PS5 bets on PS5. This totals to PS30. If the Asian Handicap had a 2.75:1, it would be PS5 (Lose), PS5 (Win) and PS25 (Asian Handicap).
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