Basic Punctuation and Grammar Rules For Essay Writing | 2021 Guide

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While writing, there are a lot of things to pay attention to. Gathering the relevant information and organizing it in an appropriate manner are the two important initial tasks to complete. Gradually, you will flesh out all the ideas and present the subject-related information in different sections of the paper.


To ensure your reader understands your text, your paper should not contain any grammar and punctuation mistakes. These are some important rules for spelling, word count, sentence structure, and correct punctuation. If you fail to follow these, the reader might find your paper difficult to understand.


Before submitting your final draft, it should be reviewed because sometimes these small language mistakes can directly affect your grades. To make sure your paper is perfect, either by yourself or ask for someone else to review it for you. If you cannot rely on this and wants it to be checked by a professional, ask them to assign you a proofreader to tackle this task for you to ensure your paper is free from mistakes, you can also contact at an college essay writing service



For those unable to get help from online services due to any reason, this article is for all of you. The following tips will help you grasp the basic grammar and punctuation rules to make sure your essay is clear, concise, and perfect.


Comma: It is the most common and misused punctuation mark. It’s quite tricky to use the comma the right way throughout the text. It should appear at the end of the main clause. Your paper should not contain too few or even too many commas.

Subject-Verb Agreement: The subject in the sentence needs to match the verb. This is quite difficult for people whose native language is not English. The verb has to go with the subject to make sense seek more info at an essay writer

Colon: Like other punctuation marks, there are different ways to use a colon. But to do it properly, follow these two rules when using a colon in your writing; complete the sentence before the colon and list the items followed by the colon.

Join Two Sentences: Never join two complete sentences with a comma. It is certainly a major pitfall found in most of the poor writing. You can join the two-sentence (if they are related) with a semicolon, with a period or by adding a comma along with a coordinating conjunction.

Use of Parentheses: These are used to show elements in a sentence that are related. In most cases, it can also be replaced by commas.

Capitalize Proper Noun: A lot of students capitalize any word in the paper they find important. However, this is not the case, only capitalize the proper nouns throughout the essay.

Apostrophes: These are used to show ownership or possession. For singular possessive nouns, include apostrophe with the letter s, plural possessive nouns do not end in s.

You have got the basic punctuation and grammar rules under your belt. You are all ready to tackle your problem in this area now with an essay writing service

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