Ageless Brain Formula Review: PureHealth Research Brain Supplement Released

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PureHealth Research Ageless Brain is a cognitive support dietary supplement that may help maintain a healthy cognitive function in both young and old people, according to its producer. That is, users who rely on this product may be able to retain their cherished memories longer.

It is a formulation that comprises all-natural ingredients from the Amazon forest, and that it is without GMO and allergens such as soy.

Its basic function is to help reduce memory loss, diminish brain fog, enhances regeneration of new brain cells, improve mental performance. It might also maintain healthy inflammation levels and supports healthy neurons.

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Ageless Brain PureHealth Research Ingredients – What to Look For

  • Pau’d arco – Scientifically known as Tabebui avellanedae or Tabebui impetiginusa. This is a standalone herbal supplement from the bark of tabebuia trees. It has long been used to treat blood coagulation, bacterial infection, cancer and other inflammatory diseases according to a review article in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.
  • Dragon’s Blood Or Croton Lechleri – According to the Indian Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biotechnology, this ingredient may prevent the breakdown of enzyme compounds found in acetylcholine. These enzymes are responsible for storing memories.
  • Camu Camu – This is an Amazonian fruit, which is highly recommended for its high vitamin C content. In the journal Nutrients, vitamin C may play a major role in neuronal differentiation. It may influence myelin formation, maturation and modulation of cholinergic, catecholaminergic and glutaminergic.
  • Bacopa Monnieri – A study article in the journal Rejuvenation Research links this ingredient with cognitive benefits. This may include improving attention and concentration on touch tasks. It may also aid in the repair of damaged neurons.
  • Guayusa – Ilex guayusa tea contains high phenolic compounds content. According to the journal of Food and Function, guayusa contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. An initial study on mice concludes that guayusa may inhibit memory impairment in the animals.

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How Does It Work?

This product contains eight powerful ingredients, which are supposedly rich with nutrients that may support brain health and help maintain optimal cognitive function. Aging may lead to memory impairment.

Diseases such as dementia may also contribute to a decline in cognitive function. The ingredients in this formulation may help replenish the nutritional deficiency that often comes with aging.

The product may work to support cognitive health and inhibit enzymes that cause memory impairment.

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Ageless Brain Pros & Cons


  • It might help improve memory if you use it long term
  • People with regular brain fog may see a reduction in the intensity of the same
  • It claims to boost a person’s mental energy
  • Users may feel younger and productive again


  • Some people may experience nausea and dizziness as part of its side effects
  • Some users may not experience mental clarity to the degree they wish to
  • The product only offer short term benefits only
  • It could be habit-forming

Final Verdict on Ageless Brain - PureHealth Research

Memory impairment can be caused by both genetics and acquired causes so to prevent it from taking a toll on you. Now, Ageless Brain is like any other nootropics as it claims to boost brain activity, but what may set apart is it may help slow the process of brain aging.

Using this supplement may help you achieve and maintain a sharper memory, mental energy. It may also strengthen the part of the brain that manages old memory recall.

However, to some people, the damage to their brain health resulting from aging may be beyond repair, which may make this product ineffective.

Besides, it may come with negative side effects and could be habit-forming. In light of this, you could opt for other memory-boosting solutions such as Apoaequorin and CogniForce.

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