10 Ways to Improve Your Academic Writing & Critical Thinking Skills - 2021 Guide

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Students nowadays are facing many hurdles in academic writing and particularly when it comes to critical thinking skills. There are many reasons why students have to go through these hurdles during their academic years. Some of the students even fail to pursue their degrees due to this sole issue. If you are a student and you are currently facing the same issues in carrying out your academic writing tasks and critical thinking skills then you need to improve your skills now.


There are numerous ways of improving your skills in academic writing. Some of them are considered important strategies to master the skill while others are shortcuts that you can also call tips. Once you learn these tips and strategies of improving your academic writing you will be able to perform your academic writing tasks in time. However, you can also take help of a free essay writer online.


Most of the professors and college lecturers deduct marks of the students just because the students do not express their views openly. There is always the option of an essay writing service that you can take help of.  If you are currently a student and willing to improve your academic writing as well as critical thinking skills then you need to learn the following 10 strategies:

Ask basic questions: to come up with a better explanation you need to understand the very basic questions that are being asked. Sometimes you need an explanation that is simple and precise and other times you need a detailed description of the subject matter. Hence, you need to ask yourself the questions including what do you know about the subject? How do you know that? And what is your stance on it? Once you understand the questions it would be easy for you to think about the answers and that will eventually improve your writing.


Question basic assumptions: Second thing that would help you in improving your writing in critical essays is question basic assumptions. Once you make basic assumptions about the questions you are addressing then you will be able to come up with a beautiful description.


Be aware of your mental processes: For improving your critical thinking and academic writing you need to be aware of your mental processes. This will eventually enable you to come up with a beautiful analysis of the topic.


Try reversing things: Reversing things is also a great way of coming up with a great description. Most of the time we explain things singly and traditionally. But once you start thinking about unusual things you will add an enhanced knowledge about any subject that is under question.


Evaluate the existing evidence: Before finalizing your argument, you should evaluate your existing evidence and measure how real it is. Evaluating your existing knowledge is one of the great ways of improving your academic writing skills and critical thinking skills.


Remember to think for yourself: Usually, when we are writing about an academic piece, we always write whatever we know about the specific topic. If you want to improve your knowledge and critical thinking skills then you need to remember yourself first, who you are and what are your priorities. This will enable you to stick to the point.


Understand that no one thinks critically 100% of the time: It is a fact that you cannot think critically all the time so essay writer should keep this in mind. Once you realize this fact you will be able to improve your critical thinking skills and will accept the fact that whatever you are doing is all fine.


Observation: You need to observe whatever comes in your mind and whatever you think about the topic.


Practice: Practice is also a great tool for improving your academic writing and critical thinking.


Communication: Communication is a great way of exchanging your views with others and knowing their views. This will keep you updated about the relevant information.


Reflection: you should also reflect upon whatever you think and write for improving your skills. 

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