How is automation consulting carried out?

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You've probably heard that managers of large companies manage to make up to 250 calls to customers a day.  Such results are possible only with the most efficient organization of labor and the help of salesforce consulting services .  And today we will look at how the automation of the sales department is able to restructure the work of salespeople and help them to do much more.



Sales department automation begins with fixing existing business processes and creating regulations - instructions for managers for each of them.  Since the services for the automation of sales departments are very popular now, many are interested in how this process takes place.  And now we will sort it out.  The approximate plan is as follows and may differ from company to company.


  1. First, the procedures that exist today are described: how the application is processed, what stages it passes, how and on the basis of what the interaction between sellers and buyers is carried out.
  2. Further, the timing of each stage is tracked on the employee's working time map.
  3. All received data are analyzed.
  4. The funnel is optimized, as it reflects the phasing of the business process.  As a result, you should get something like:

* Application receipt

* Customer qualification

* Opening a deal and clarifying / forming needs

* Sending a commercial offer

* Coordination of the details of the contract and its signing

* Bill payment

* Assessment of the quality of the work done

  1. Each stage is signed according to the plan: actions, time frames, deadlines, scripts, areas of responsibility, measures to influence personnel in order to increase the efficiency of their work.
  2. The resulting materials are discussed with the head of the sales department and the best employees.
  3. Testing of the resulting business process on real customers and getting rid of the shortcomings is carried out.
  4. The final version is approved.
  5. The business process is transferred to CRM.
  6. The execution of the regulations is monitored.


This is the structure that a large number of companies adhere to.  Thanks to a clear plan, special services will help automate and increase sales.  Therefore, do not be afraid to trust your business to professionals, especially when it comes to ergonized.

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